This professional development course offers frontline staff of settlement and integration agencies in Alberta’s small centres the knowledge and practical skills required to better manage their multiple roles when serving culturally diverse clients.

Welcoming Diversity is a self-paced course that explore topics around serving newcomers with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, expressions, and sex characteristics.

The course is split into five modules, and is funded by the Government of Alberta. It is being offered by the Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA)

The Basic Counselling Skills in a Cross-Cultural Context Course is intended to help Settlement Practitioners define their counselling role with clients they serve and help them to recognize to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to be effective in that role.

Course Objective:The course will provide participants with a both the theoretical and practical knowledge to provide basic counselling skills to their clientele.

The CLIENT NEEDS ASSESSMENT AND ACTION PLANS course is a six-module course that will enable Settlement Practitioners to learn knowledge and practical skills required to effectively conduct needs assessments and assist people from diverse backgrounds to develop individualized goals and action plans appropriate to their culture and life experience that will meet their settlement needs.
This self-paced course, developed in partnership with ActionDignity and Rural Development Network (RDN), will allow front-line settlement workers to gain an understanding of challenges that multi-barriered clients face, learn to apply an intersectional lens when identifying multiple barriers that clients may experience, enhance their skills in evaluating multi-barriered clients’ needs, become aware of best practices in working with multi-barrier clients, and become familiar with methods and tools to be used when working with multi-barriered clients.